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We are excited to announce that Charlie Albone, Australian-based landscape designer has been invited to return to the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Garden Show following his Silver-Gilt Medal win in 2015.

In collaboration with Conway Landscaping & Design, Charlie and his hand selected crew from Australia will craft, construct and build this year’s show garden designed for a busy corporate couple living in inner city Melbourne.  It offers a space to relax, reflect, and retreat from the pressures and speed of modern living.

The silent serenity is made possible by the garden’s features. The hedged entrance, leads to a protective-feeling sunken lawn. Exciting exotic plants including Leucadendron, Acacia, and Protea along with European perennials in subtle purple, white, pink, and soft red tones will fringe it. The water feature at the back of the garden will send a calming stream of water down the stairs, without splashes or ripples.

Drawing inspiration from its homeland, bluestone cobbles will be featured, along with a floating cantilevered architectural structure with geometric patterns reminiscent of Melbourne’s Federation Square.

A striking copper and bronze sculpture will be positioned at the back of the garden, created by Victorian Sculptor Will Wilson of Willie Wildlife. Earthy tones from the metal combined with flying birds epitomize the freedom the garden gives the couple who use it.

“We live in a fast paced and crazy connected world, where it can feel almost impossible to turn off. A beautiful garden is the perfect support system, providing an escape from life’s stresses and encouraging positive thinking”.

CLICK HERE, for a sneak peak of the build in progress!

CLICK HERE, for the finished Support: The Husqvarna Garden